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Classroom Motorized ArtBot Kit

I've used the Motorized ArtBot Kit with students as young as 4.5 y/o and students in upper elementary (gr. 3-5) and it has served me well. I'm not a trained engineer, nor did I major in the STEM fields and I can successfully teach an inquiry-based lesson that discusses the very basics of electrical engineering and circuits thanks to the excellent, detailed lesson plan provided.

Vanessa G.

Classroom Motorized Zipline Spaceship Kit

We included this project as part of team building week at our school. The teams built the spaceships and then raced them. There was a sense of comaraderie in sharing various designs to make their ships go faster along the zipline.

Kate Lane

Safecast bGeigie Nano

The kit was enjoyable to assemble and has logged to the Safecast map using the android app. The overall system is pretty solid and the kit introduces a lot of different technologies like satellite communications and atomic clocks, geiger muller tubes and high voltage power supplies, bluetooth, datalogging, arduino and open source goods and maybe the not so. Then there is the SafeCast visualization tools, nice, hope they keep improving! Thank You, well done

Richard W.

Classroom Games Kit

At first I didn't think that building a game button would cover all aspects of STEAM, but boy was I wrong. Students learned about electronic circuits, designed a game show box, wrote up game questions, kept track of points and some even hooked up their button to a MakeyMakey where they had coded their own point calculator. Every game was different which made it really fun for the students to play each others' games.

Shirley Brown