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Get to know BotBot

“I love robots, I want to make a robot!” exclaims Beth.

This is awesome news! You are excited that Beth is enthusiastic about designing and building a bot. You immediately head toward the local electronics shack. You jog into the store thinking you’ll be able to grab just what you need and head back home to start working on the next Iron Giant. Once inside you take a look around at the stuff on the shelves and then peek down all the aisles and proceed to scratch your head because you have absolutely no idea what it is you need to buy so that Beth can build a robot.

Natch’ you seek out a salesperson and ask if they know what you need to build a robot. They point you toward an aisle that contains some industrial size toolboxes with drawers full of wires and clips and others stuff you are clueless about. After digging around a bit and then letting out a big sigh, you pickup one of those vibrating bots that they have heaped in a box at the counter, buy it and head home.  You hope that Beth will understand that you tried but just don’t know what is needed for her to build her beloved bot.

Hey! Never fear, that’s why we are here. We’re going to help you and robot loving Beth learn about simple circuits and bling out that bot.

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