KitHub Review by Margaret Minihan

Posted by Tara Tiger Brown on

First, my favorite thing about Kithub’s kits is the open-ended nature of them.  I’m wary of kits that are basically supplies and directions for one predefined project.  Kithub’s boxes are instead packed with ideas. They also happen to contain the supplies you might need to make those ideas happen. Second, I love that the supplies themselves are not proprietary.  If I need more of a particular item (LEDs, battery, copper tape, DC motor, etc.), I can easily pick them up.

The biggest benefit of doing projects like these with your kids is that you help them build a Growth Mindset. Even if your natural inclination when given an electronics challenge is to say “I’m not good at this; This is too hard; I can’t figure it out,” you can try instead “I don’t know how to do this, but let’s figure it out together.” Trust me, your kids can hear the difference and they will follow your lead. Which message do you want them replaying in their minds?

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