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This month, KitHub brings mmmagic to kids across the nation! Toys will talk! Wizard wands will sparkle and fizz! (Or make pig noises—you decide.) Gramma’s rocking chair will roar like a rocket chair! All thanks to the wonder of switches and the ingenuity of kids at play. This very cool kit—designed for us by Eric Rosenbaum of MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten—lets kids turn cardboard, foil, and tape into electrical switches, introducing them to the cause-and-effect fun of pairing simple actions with their favorite sound effects.  Here are just a few projects you can do with this fantastical kit: * Add sound...

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“I love robots, I want to make a robot!” exclaims Beth. This is awesome news! You are excited that Beth is enthusiastic about designing and building a bot. You immediately head toward the local electronics shack. You jog into the store thinking you’ll be able to grab just what you need and head back home to start working on the next Iron Giant. Once inside you take a look around at the stuff on the shelves and then peek down all the aisles and proceed to scratch your head because you have absolutely no idea what it is you need to buy so that Beth...

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