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White House CTO cringes when adults say they are bad at science in front of kids

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In a New York Times interview, White House Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Megan Smith, said she cringes whMegan Smithen she hears highly educated adults say how bad they are at math and science, especially when they do so in front of kids. She recently told a group of teachers at the White House “That has to change,” and “We would never say that about reading.”

Ms. Smith, an MIT-trained engineer and former Google executive,  had ideas and a curiosity about how things work, from a very young age. We liked how the article described projects she made as a kid.

  • At age 4, using sticks and tinfoil, she built an elaborate scarecrow in her backyard
  • At 14, she took apart her stepmother’s bicycle just to figure out how it all fit together, then left all the parts in a bucket
  • When she was in eighth grade she used a circular saw in her father’s basement workshop to build a solar-powered house for one of her school’s mandatory science fairs
In September 2014, President Obama named Megan Smith the United States CTO  in the Office of Science and Technology Policy.  As U.S. CTO, Smith focuses on how technology policy and innovation can advance the future of our nation.  


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