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Happy 6 Month Anniversary

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Just 6 months ago Luz and I launched KitHub during a surprise birthday party for me at my house. It was just a month before that we decided to start KitHub. But really, KitHub was years in the making. You can read more about the KitHub story on our About page. Fun Facts * Over the past 6 months we launched the KitHub subscription service, designed 7 kits, began reselling kits we love, started co-designing kits and ran a bunch of educator workshops. * The most popular KitHub projects include making the BotBot, custom Operation Game and taking things apart but nothing tops when an LED lights up for the first time or when a motor starts running. * Our first kit was sold to Brian in Georgia and they found out about it through a podcast I was on. * Parents and teachers like written instructions but the kids usually toss them aside. Most of the kids prefer videos. (We're working on making more and making them better!). * Our favorite KitHub write-ups are by Margaret Ann Minihan, The Maker Mom and Howard Rheingold on DML Central. * We get fantastic updates via Twitter from @lynnspady who documents when the kids work on projects. Our favorite is her series on the soft circuits because we were worried no one would like sewing. :) * Many of the kids make dates with their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts when they know the kit will arrive so they can work on a project together. * My favorite quote is from Leah in Washington "It makes life so much easier when they beg to learn lol." * The biggest workshop we have run to date is with over 100 people. What's Next? * We soft launched our Educator program last week. Our mission to is to empower formal and informal teachers to guide kids in working with electronics even if they don't have any experience themselves. We have already worked with teachers, PTA Presidents, Girl Scout troops, and other community teachers and know how much of a difference in makes in kids' lives.  Join the free program and provide kids with new pathways to learn about electronics in a fun and safe environment. * We're heading to the White House on Monday to discuss with other maker community leaders how cities and communities around the country are advancing the maker movement locally. Follow @kithubcc to checkout fun pictures from DC! * After DC we're heading to San Francisco to work on the future of KitHub with experts in marketing, manufacturing, fulfillment and more. * On May 18th we're announcing the first of our summer kits co-designed with Eric Rosenbalm who is one of the inventors behind the MaKeyMaKey. Without giving too much away, kids are going to learn how to make inanimate objects become interactive. * In June we're announcing our second summer kit co-designed with Shah Selbe who is getting ready for an epic trip to the Okavango Delta in Botswana with National Geographic Explorers. Thank you to our advisors, friends, family, customers and especially all of the KitHub Kids who have been working on these projects and inspiring all of us. Checkout what they have made in the Gallery.

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  • Congrats on 6 months! Thomas and I have enjoyed it! Keep up the great ideas, and we can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring.

    Brian Bettle on

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