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STEM+A Classroom Kits

As parents everywhere cheer that September, glorious September, has finally arrived, teachers everywhere begin to panic. How to make sure that this class learns more—and better—than even the greatest class ever (last year’s)? How to incorporate the much needed science-technology-engineering-art (STEM+A) into the classroom, make it fun and affordable? Here’s an idea: look into STEM+A kits for the classroom. First off, kids love them. It’s like opening a Christmas present—something cool that they weren’t expecting. You want to transform 25 listless 11-year-olds into lit-up junior scientists? Tell them to put away their books and starting building their own robot. Studies show that working with kits significantly increases students’ satisfaction with their learning experience. Second, doing science—as opposed to learning science—has been proven to increase retention. Observation, interpretation, trial-and-error: all these things help your students learn more from their hands-on work than they could ever gain from memorizing facts. And third, using kits to enhance your teaching program can help you be a better teacher. It increases the time you can spend guiding your students and responding to their individual needs. Organized, complete, imaginative and focused kits—and they do exist—help you cover a number of different pedagogical standards efficiently. A number of well-established science kit companies—Full Option Science System (FOSS) and Science and Technology for Children (STC) are perhaps the best known—provide kits that address key science topics. For kids and teachers interested in electronics specifically, turn to KitHub for creative kits that blend artistry and imagination with problem-solving and technical skills. Fun, interesting and easy-to-follow, our kits are also cost-effective, so you can nurture the budding engineers in your midst.

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