STEAM + Coding for Grades 3-8

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Grades: 3-8
Skill level: Beginner-Intermediate
Number of Students: 12 or more

The STEAM + Coding Program is designed for students in grades 3-8. With this program, you can engage students to participate in 6 integrated, cross-curricular creative electronics and coding activities. They will design and develop hands-on projects and complete challenges that encourage team building. This program will engage students to further explore the fields of computer science and engineering.

Introduce STEAM Subjects This School Year

The STEAM Program introduces students to basic electronics and coding through creative materials. Projects are open-ended to allow students to be creative while exploring technology and building their hands-on making and coding skills.

The curriculum was developed by a member of the National Science Teacher's Association. All classroom kits include free lesson plans with assessments. Very little prep-work on the teacher's part is required. The materials included will take you from start to finish!




Paper Circuits

Students will start off by learning to create a simple circuit. They will then apply what they learned and build another circuit to light-up their own creation like a pop-up card, notebook, or gift.



The ArtBot is a fun introduction to motors and automatic machines. Students will create personalized art-creating bots by assembling a motor circuit.


Buzzer Games Students will host their own game show by making a game buzzer and creating quiz questions. Alternatively, they can make a Robot Tinkering Table using the same materials.


Using Scratch, students will collaborate to design and program a game and create physical interfaces to the game using everyday objects that conduct electricity. Alternatively, they will design a website using HTML.



Students will create an interactive diorama using the parts from the projects and other materials.



Students will finish up their projects and virtually present their projects or play with their classmates' games in this arcade-style culminating showcase

The STEAM program comes with:

  • Project Materials for 12 or more students
  • Facilitator guide
  • Instructor lesson plans
  • Step-by-step project instruction cards 
  • Online support
  • Video instruction

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 Warning - Choking Hazard

Not for children under 3 yrs