Motorized ArtBot Kit

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Age: 5 and up
Skill level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour

The Motorized ArtBot kit comes with everything you need to get kids started with creative robotics. Build your own personal, lovable bot that will take off as soon as you power it on and will definitely make a mess if you let it. Every artbot is as unique as the young innovator that makes it, no two are alike!

With this project, kids will learn how to turn on a hobby motor, create a simple circuit and use their imaginations to decorate their new small pal. Add a few markers, stick the bot on a piece of paper and it will draw spirals. Add a sponge, dip it into paint and it’s transformed into a painting bot. 

Buying 12 or more? Save by purchasing a Classroom Kit that includes lesson plans.

Here’s everything we provide so you can accomplish this creative, hands-on activity at your kitchen table, workshop bench or anywhere with a flat surface.

  • 1 DC hobby motor with alligator clip leads 1.5V-3V
  • 1 roll of tape
  • 1 AA battery
  • 1 AA battery holder
  • 1 12 oz container
  • Googly eyes
  • 2 Pipe cleaners
  • Instructions


You provide:

  • Scissors
  • Additional craft materials. E.g. markers

Kids will explore the following:

  • Simple circuits
  • Engineering design process
  • Movement with motors
  • Art integration
  • Literacy
  • Iterative processes
  • Prototyping
  • Troubleshooting

The kit comes with an instruction card. 

Here's a How-To that includes lesson plans, video instruction and extension activities.

 Warning - Choking Hazard

Not for children under 3 yrs

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