Crazy Circuits Makerspace Set

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Grades: 5-8
Ages: 10+
Skill level: Beginner+

Crazy Circuits kits let aspiring makers explore the world of electronic gadgetry in more depth, including LEGO-based projects, conductive paints, and wearable technologies.

With detailed instructions and supplies for building programmable gadgets, Crazy Circuits help creators of all ages develop fun skills and practical knowledge about circuitry, programming, logic, and design.

The Crazy Circuits Makerspace Set has everything you need to get an entire classroom making with Crazy Circuits. Create projects both big and small with over 160 included parts. Use the Touch and Robotics boards to follow a programing guide, or create your own code from scratch.

Have your makers create wearable technology using conductive thread. Crazy Circuits parts are compatible with LEGO™ and similar brick building systems. Crazy Circuits parts come 100% ready to go out of the box, which means no soldering or preparation required.

This kit covers topics such as circuitry, programming, logic, design, sewable technology, art, and design. 


Electronic LEGO® Creations

Imagine a LEGO® truck with bright LED headlights or a NES controller built atop a flat LEGO® plate; LEGOs’ raised studs and smooth baseplates are perfect for circuitry and programming projects.

Interactive Technology You Can Wear

Make the stars on your favorite NASA t-shirt glow or create smartphone-friendly gloves with conductive thread. Many of our circuitry supplies can be used to make your clothing both interactive and reactive.

Conductive Material Programming Projects

From sound systems and light switches to video-game controllers and musical drawings, conductive paint and dough can turn nearly any surface into an interactive programming projects. Combine paint or dough with some simple circuitry and see what you can build!

The Crazy Circuits Makerspace Kit comes with:

  • Crazy Circuits Chips
    • Five Touch Boards and USB Cables
    • Three Robotics Boards and USB Cables
    • Five Blink/Fade Boards
    • Five Standard Pushbuttons
    • Five Jumbo Pushbuttons
    • Five Slide Switches
    • Five Coin Cell Battery Holders
    • Twenty Jumbo 10mm LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White)
    • Twenty Mini Surface Mount LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White)
    • Fifteen Brick LEDs (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White)
    • Five Mini RGB LEDs
    • Five Piezoelectric Speakers
    • Ten Screw Terminals
  • Ten Rolls of Conductive Nylon Tape - ⅛ inch, 16 feet
  • Five Bobbins of Conductive Thread - 16 feet
  • Ten Alligator Clips
  • Fifty CR2032 Batteries
  • Five 2AAA Battery Holders
  • Three Standard Servo Motors
  • Six Continuous Rotation Servo Motors
  • Ten LEGO™ Compatible Servo Brackets
  • Ten LEGO™ Compatible Servo Horns
  • Ten LEGO™ Baseplates (8x16 studs)
  • Plastic Organizer